Where The Streets Have No Name

A popular music group U2 wrote a song in 1987 called “Where the Streets Have No Name”.  It was said that their lead singer and writer, Bono, was inspired by something he heard about a city called Belfast. Belfast was described to him as a place where people knew what a person’s religion and financial situation was based on the street they lived on.

This song made me think about the way people perceive others.  Do people know who you are just by the way you carry yourself or interact with others?

Do people know what you believe by spending time with you and how you represent yourself without telling them what you believe? Would they be surprised if you did tell them?

As it pertains to marriage, do people you associate with know you are married, not because you wear a wedding ring or have a picture of your spouse at the office, but because of the way you interact with people,especially of the opposite sex?

Let’s take it home for a minute. Does your spouse know that you love and respect them, not just because you have told them, but because you show them? I challenged myself with these questions one day and I encourage you to do the same.  Be really honest with yourself.  It may help you to make some serious adjustments to the way you treat your spouse.

If your inner self matches your outer self, then great job! If it does not, you may have to ask yourself why.

Most of the time, our internal beliefs don’t match our outside actions because we know how we should act, but we haven’t dealt with the heart issue of why we aren’t acting that way.

I pray today you will dig a little deeper and like the song, you will be like a street with no name. People will know what you believe and your spouse will know how you feel without even having to tell them.

By Jen Morgan