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Speaker, Author, Coach & Relationship Expert

Tina, can best be described as “a visionary with a rare ability to instill faith in her clients and audiences. She is best known not for inspiring you but pushing you out of your comfort zone. Konkin teaches leaders and organizations to exceed beyond just their intellectual capacity but also into emotional intelligence. Her goal to see people living fulfilled at home and work is bold but she actually believes she can help build a world in which the vast majority of people go home every day feeling good and fulfilled by their work. Konkin boldly leads leaders and ordinary people to value themselves and build a healthy relationship with themselves first. Her “I Get To” attitude is evident in her quality of life. For more than three decades, world renowned marriage and relationship expert Tina Konkin has inspired, motivated and challenged people to up their relationship game, not only in intimate relationships but their relationships in their work environment.  She is widely recognized as an expert at educating people away from their drama filled, negative, unproductive relationships, and into a world where they are able to rewrite their past and renew their future. She understands what drives the driven and what motivates the highly motivated. She can easily walk the line between personal and corporate relationships and has devised a system that works equally in both worlds. As a motivational speaker she is second to none. Her ability to see past the facade and dig deep and unearth the real issues that plague relationships both in the home and in the marketplace. Best described as an incredible storyteller with a mission, Tina is engaging, entertaining, and inspiring. “Real” and “honest almost to a fault” are just a few of the ways she has been described by some of today’s most dynamic and popular expert speakers and writers across the board.


Known as a no nonsense Coach to celebrities, Church and Corporate leaders, Tina gets real but has a sincerity and warmth that draws her clients and audience in, but more than that, she demands the same from them. 

From public speaking engagements to leadership workshops & intensive couples retreats she promises to teach people how to move past anger, resentment, and bitterness by understanding compassion and forgiveness, so the decisions of the future come from a healthy mindset.

Tina’s captivating charisma and engaging wit allow her clients to relax and actually open up to the experience. Her clients and audience ceases to be just  spectators and she ceases to be just a “motivational speaker/coach”.  

She invites engagement and sets a tone and atmosphere conducive to growth and introspection.These qualities and a down to earth approach paired with a quality message make her a sought-after speaker/coach the world over.

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Living Above The Line

  • “Ninety-nine percent of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses.” George Washington Carver
  • Our brain is scientifically wired for success, each of us has the power, collectively and individually, to create and maintain lasting success.
  • Sustained success takes being a profound sense of responsibility, accountability and above all else, success demands ownership.
  • Living Above the Line is an active decision that each of us must make every single day – If we follow Tina’s 80/20 rule, we can live like success is the norm instead of the exception.

The Importance of Company Values

  • When the employer’s and employee’s values are honored then work relationships are less stressful and way more productive. The power of honor amongst peers is of utmost importance
  • When personal values are dishonored people get bent out of shape. When work and personal values are out of alignment, people can rarely align their overall goals or daily tasks. This can damage not only company culture and work relationships but more importantly, job productivity suffers. As Job satisfaction declines, so does the creative potential.
  • Discover, unlock and cultivate your personal, work, and company values and watch the bottom line change.

Home & Work Balance

  • Happy Home – happy boss & happy employee
  • Learn how to bring “happy” to home and work


For over 25 years Tina has facilitated hundreds of workshops for couples, families, church and corporate teams. Tina has been featured on radio, television including the popular reality shows Gene Simmons Family Jewels and Real Housewives of Orange County as well as the perpetually popular Dr. Phil and Today Show. 

Tina Konkin is an unforgettable, straight up, call to action type speaker who has a reputation in the corporate arena of being in your face. She’s one speaker who isn’t opposed to making grown men cry, if that’s what it takes to make her point and to help people rewrite their past and renew their futures. Relationships are the very fabric of our lives. Why not make all of our relationships productive, two way streets, where each party grows and thrives. 

Key Note Price: $3,500 – $7,500

Fee may be WAIVED with conditions

Author of:

“How God Used The Other Woman”

Released by FOCUS ON THE FAMILY. Most people wouldn’t have blamed Tina Konkin for leaving her husband, Ron, after finding out about his affair…especially when the other woman was her close friend! Though blindsided, Tina leaned into the pain of betrayal, contending for her marriage, and believing in God’s power to restore.  He did, in fact, renew the marriage, giving this couple many wonderful years until Ron’s passing.

“Love Sex and Money”

In this book, you will find the tools you need to understand and identify what is working and conversely, not working in your  relationships. It is our hope as relationship experts to offer you a simple solution to help you find not a formula, but true healing as thousand of other have discovered who dared to adopt the R3 FACTOR into their lives.

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RELATIONSHIP REVOLUTION (2 to 10 hr workshop/$1,500-$3,500)

This powerful workshop with Relationship Expert, Tina Konkin, can be customized from 2 to 10 hours and will focus on beginning the transformation to put the power back in your hands. Life can be absolutely beautiful, but very few of us make it through without accumulating the odd scrape and bruise along the way. Whether you were hurt growing up or your damage was inflicted through interactions in prior relationships, you most certainly have experienced the feelings that your desires were not met or that life somehow threw you a curve ball from which you can’t seem to recover, stand firm, breath and know that there is hope.

Imagine being able to Rewrite your story. Tina will walk you through these pivotal steps:

  • Identify personal triggers
  • Learn to make healthy decisions
  • Move past hurt and resentment
  • Discover your personal, business and/or marriage values


RELATIONSHIP LIFELINE (Tuition $795/person, 3days)

This program is designed to help individuals and couples see what is not working in their relationships at home or business by addressing core issues in their own life. Relationship Lifeline is a three-day, deep dive that will engage and demand action. The experiential nature of this course offers an engaging experience where you are actively part of a transformation that could never be done “to you” but only “by you”. The program includes over 30 hours of exercises that focus on the “real stuff” that everyone experiences on a day-to-day basis. 


COUPLES RETREAT (All inclusive $5,995/couple, 3days)

The intensive and exclusive couples retreat is designed for the couple wanting a more private experience. Offered in both the United States and Canada, this 3-day, all inclusive 5 star experience is highly interactive weekend provides couples with their own personal coach, meetings with directors, accommodations, and meals. These semiprivate workshops are held in some of the most beautiful locations available. With a group size ranging from 2 to 4 couples, participants are able to work at a root level which allows them to discover and unpack deeper issues in a safe and private atmosphere. This program is, of course, available to all but it was designed to provide the utmost in privacy to influencers, celebrities, CEO’s and high-profile individuals who prefer to maintain discretion in their personal lives. It takes place in a 5-star hotel and provides discretion and privacy at the highest levels.

Company History: Relationship Lifeline

Our purpose is to “heal relationships, one broken heart at a time.”

In 1993, Ron & Tina Konkin attended a personal development seminar hosted by a partner of Dr. Phil’s, and their lives were forever changed. The change they felt was so transforming that it impacted every area of their lives. They were better spouses, parents, friends and business partners.  From that one seminar, everything changed — and the change lasted!

In 1995, Ron and Tina founded the organization that we know of today as Relationship Lifeline. It was such a passion that Ron worked full-time in the construction industry to fund the organization that continues to spread his mission of helping others to rewrite and renew their relationships. Ron valued relationships, and understood the importance of nurturing them. He played a significant role in providing hope, healing and transformation to thousands of relationships, marriages and families.

His purpose statement was “I am a strong worthy man, confidently instilling in others their value and worth, and helping them discover their true potential, so they can inspire those they touch to do the same.”

Our Founder, and friend, passed away on December 25, 2013, after a four-year journey with cancer but not without leaving his wife of 32 plus years commissioned to carry on the vision.

The “I Get to” Live Above the Line attitude that spread to everyone with whom he came in contact with, including his family, friends and clients, and the doctors and nurses who treated him. Even in struggle, his life was a testimony to the light within him and it carries on.