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“We have had over 1,000’s couples, 100’s individuals go through {the Relationship Matter Course and other programs} and I will tell you there is nothing like it! I refer to it as the defibrillators of the heart of the individual.”

— Pastor Eric Heard, Mariners Church

“We entered the weekend rather reluctantly, simply expecting to experience just ‘another’ marriage seminar. What happened in those few days was more than an experience; it was an encounter that rocked our marriage! We experienced lasting transformation in such a deep level, that the only word that describe it is miraculous!”

— Pastors Anthony & Madeleine Greco, Calgary Life Church, Alberta

“All I can say is that what God is doing in their ministry… has been 100% success! Every time we can send them {we do} because I have something that’s 100%. I get emails all the time saying that their marriage is saved because of them!”

— Pastor Matthew Cork, Yorba Linda Friends Church, California

“Over the past twenty years we have seen the consistent passion that Ron and Tina have for healthy marriages and families. They live, they fight for it, and they have a very unique gift to bring restoration and healing to the most challenging cases. We have recommended their ministry to various couples with amazing breakthrough results.”

— Pastors David and Cheryl Koop, Coastal Church, Vancouver, British Columbia

“As a pastor I face the never ending saga of marriages in crisis… {Relationship Matters} has the ability to help couples get past the surface issues and right to the root of the pain. I have had them {Ron & Tina} minister in my church and watched them have a dramatic impact on my people. I would strongly recommend them to anyone or any church as not only engaging speakers but also speakers that are desperately needed in our culture.”

— Pastor Gary Keesee, Faith Life Church, Johnstown, Ohio

“I have known Tina Konkin for over 30 years and observed one overwhelming fact – her success and longevity in teaching is due to her love for people which created in her a great desire to see people made w hole. To say she has done a good job at it is an understatement to say the least.”

— Pastor Don McMillan