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Tina has an incredibly captivating conversation with Clinton & Charity, hosts of the RESTORED 2 MORE podcast. They speak with vulnerability and deep knowledge on restoring intimacy and much more..

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In this two part interview you will get an opportunity to come to know Tina Konkin’s motivational, heart-breaking and empowering story.


Part 1 – Topic: Husband’s affair while in ministry

Tam Talks with Tina Konkin – Part 1

Part 2 – Topic: How to Renew a broken heart

Tam Talks with Tina Konkin – Part 2

In Tina Konkin’s recent interview with The Zoe Report she touches on three major points to be aware of in relationships. Read full interview click here and check out all the amazing stuff they are doing.

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“Attacking each other instead of the problem”

“If you continuously attack each other, you’re slowly stripping your partner of their dignity,” says Konkin. “I always encourage couples to put their issues on the table and keep your focus on that. If you just throw a bandage on top of a dirty wound, it’s not going to heal correctly or fully. It’s when you pour the antiseptic solution on the wound that it’s purified and can heal well.”

For instance, lack of communication is a popular pitfall in long-term relationships. “I always hear clients says, ‘We don’t know how to communicate,’” says Konkin.


“Remember the movie Jerry Maguire with Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger? The line that got the most attention and was probably repeated most often was, “You complete me.”

It’s hard for me to even type that line without rolling my eyes.

While that might be a sweet line for a sappy country song, it reflects a deeply flawed approach to relationships. No human being “completes” us— not even our spouses. ”


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Tina’s latest web interview with encourages all to take action and believe there is hope in marriage and relationships. Please check out their website for full details click here.

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In Tina’s view, talking for an hour once a week isn’t enough to truly help couples reset their expectations and resolve their disputes. That’s why she offers a resource for couples,  an in-depth program where couples spend a long weekend learning, growing, and healing. Whether you’re seriously dating or in a committed marriage, you can attend the Relationship Lifeline to give yourself the relationship knowledge and self-awareness necessary to move forward and avoid common mistakes in building communication and trust.

“We have put up walls made of one rock at a time,” Tina said. “We harden our hearts to not feel that same pain again. Our program is about tearing that down so we can have healthy relationships.”

Cyber affairs.

‘Cyber Affairs’ Rupturing Long-Term Relationships

Marriage and Family Relationship Expert Cites Online “Cheating”

as Increasing Factor Behind Divorce and Break-ups


(NEWPORT BEACH, CA) With the rise of digital technology, access to whatever our hearts desire has become nearly instantaneous. It allows us to connect, for the cost of an Internet connection, with old friends and acquaintances – anytime and from virtually anywhere. While the positives are clear to see, a darker picture is starting to take shape: the rise of so-called ‘cyber affairs’.

So, what’s behind the growth of these digital dalliances? Author and speaker Tina Konkin, who has witnessed the phenomenon first-hand through her acclaimed Newport Beach, California-based counseling program, Relationship Lifeline, says one need to look no farther than interactions on social media or the worldwide web.

A 2010 survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) found that four out of five lawyers used evidence derived from social networking sites in divorce cases. In addition, it’s estimated that 1 in 5 divorces today have a direct correlation to amorous encounters and relationships cultivated online.

“The allure of cyber affairs for many is the minimal effort needed to engage,” said

Ms. Konkin. “More often than not, we’re seeing these cyber affairs stem from a reconnection with people in their past, where individuals are essentially transported back in time and start to form a romantic bond through past experiences they’ve shared. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced it myself.

Another driver of digital infidelity: the casual attitude and easy access to pornography. According to a survey published in the Journal of the American Psychological Association, 86% of men are likely to click on Internet sex sites if given the opportunity. Furthermore, according to an AAML poll of 350 divorce attorneys, two-thirds reported that the Internet played a significant role in break-ups. More than half of those cases involved an excessive interest in online porn.

“The overwhelming number of pornographic websites and chat rooms have played a significant role in disrupting the exclusivity of human sexuality,” said Ms. Konkin. “The low barrier of entry allows individuals to get what they want, when they want it. It’s become Pandora’s Box.”

Although the conversation surrounding ‘cyber affairs’ may be uncomfortable for some, the world-renowned couples relationship expert maintains that such dialogue is necessary because of the threats they pose to long-term happiness and growth. By raising awareness around the issue, she hopes to be a catalyst for those conversations and help people recognize these online encounters for what they are – affairs.


About Relationship Lifeline

Founded in 1993 by Ron and Tina Konkin and now facilitated  by many other trainers, Relationship Lifeline provides healing, hope, and transformation for marriages and family relationships. Through a series of condensed, engaging exercises, participants learn how to create positive, lasting change that repair and save breaking relationships.

A gripping true story of courage and  perseverance after infidelity

Released by Focus On The Family July 9th, 2019.

“HOW GOD USED THE OTHER WOMAN” is a brave new book based on the incredible true story of faith, love and redemption in light of overwhelming odds against all three of those things.

When Tina Konkin, renowned marriage expert and speaker finds out her husband Ron, a speaker and marriage expert in his own right, is having an affair with her close friend, God transforms this disaster into one of His promises that what was intended for evil He would turn to good.


Celebrity Marriage Counselor Tina Konkin Reveals Secrets to a Healthy Marriage  Tina Konkin's New Book, Love, Sex & Money


‘Love, Sex, and Money: The R3 Factor for Great Relationships’

Love, Sex, and Money presents Konkin’s nationally recognized R3 FACTOR–REVEAL, REWRITE and RENEW–that has worked for celebrity and everyday couples alike.

“We highly recommend this teaching for any couple that is in crisis, or that wants to take their relationship to the next level. It was a life-changing experience for us.”

— Shannon Tweed Simmons, actress; wife of Gene Simmons of KISS 

“Whether your relationship is in crisis or stagnant, we highly recommend Tina Konkin for couples that want to explore the possibilities of taking their relationship to heights only previously dreamed possible.”

— Chynna Phillips, member of Wilson Phillips; and Billy Baldwin, actor 

“Tina Konkin goes where angels fear to tread. The Konkins’ relationship seminars have been truly revolutionary and go straight to the heart of the matter. Change your heart and you will change your life.”

— Keith and Mary Hudson, evangelists; parents of singer/songwriter Katy Perry

NASHVILLE, Sept. 29, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Author, relationship expert, conference speaker and marriage counselor to the stars, Tina Konkin, reveals the secrets to a happy and healthy marriage in her new book, Love, Sex and Money: (Emerge Publishing LLC, September 7th, 2017, ISBN-13: 9781943127559). She co-wrote the book with her late husband, Ron Konkin, Her newest book “How God Used the Other Woman” published by Focus on the Family, gives hope to victims of infidelity. Tina is the co-founder of the widely successful Relationship Lifeline intensive workshop. With 30+ years of experience in coaching and counseling married couples, Tina Konkin helps heal the broken-hearted through her personal story of abuse and abandonment while laying out the essentials of her world-renowned R3 FACTOR.

Garnering the attention of national media, including The Today ShowBravoUS Weekly and more, Konkin has a 90 percent success rate in keeping separated or divorcing couples together. Konkin’s private sessions and her proven system for restoring marriages in crisis, consists of a step-by-step process to HEAL yesterday, LIVE today and LOVE tomorrow. Thousands have attended her weekends, including iconic rock idol Gene Simmons from the band KISS; Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County; and Actor Billy Baldwin and Chynna Phillips Baldwin from the Grammy®-nominated group Wilson Phillips.

Love, Sex and Money & How God used the Other Woman is available for purchase from Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Books Inc., and For more information on Tina Konkin, visit: To book Tina for an interview or appearance, email

Tina Konkin is an internationally recognized author, relationship expert, counselor and conference speaker. As a speaker she has facilitated hundreds of seminars for youth, adults, couples and families for more than 30 years.

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