Imagine a life where you get to rewrite your future!

Tina Konkin is an internationally acclaimed leader and speaker on the topic of relationships. As the co-founder and Executive Director of R3 Lifeline, Tina regularly speaks for men’s & women’s groups, couples conferences, church groups, and business organizations, as well as personal coaching focused on relentlessly achieving a life that rises to it’s full potential of God-given gifts and purpose.

Couples Retreat

A private, 3 days All Inclusive event at a 5-Star Resort for $5,995 per couple

Relationship Lifeline

A 4-Day relationship intensive for individuals & couples $795 per person

Speaking Engagements

Check out Tina’s upcoming schedule for appearance dates, times and information!

The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to rewrite the pain of yesterday.

Tina has appeared on multiple television shows to carry her message to the country. She has been seen on the Today Show, Real Housewives of Orange County, and several more. She has worked with celebrities past and present to help them achieve their relationship goals.

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