Don’t Give Up

Recently, I attended my daughter’s violin recital at her school. At about week three of her lessons she decided she wanted to quit. She believed everyone in her class was able to play without squeaking except her. That’s when I had the idea to show her some YouTube videos of some instructors that said everyone squeaks in the beginning. I guess she was expecting to pick up the violin and play like the Siberian Orchestra.

As my daughter’s beginners class came on stage to perform, I couldn’t believe how well they played in harmony alongside their teacher. When my daughter practiced alone at home, I could hear a squeak or two and an off-key note every now and then, which was to be expected.

I began to think that’s like the Lifeline weekend. Everything seemed to make so much sense when Tina or Margaret led the group discussions or when we went through the exercises. We all seemed to understand and communicate better than we ever have. Then when we came home and eventually,  all the squeaks and squawks came rising to the surface as we rode solo.

Playing above the line takes practice. You will not leave the weekend playing in the Siberian Orchestra in your marriage. You will have to practice. You will get better if you remember all the teacher showed you in class and you remind yourself of what you experienced while you were there. You may even have to come back for a refresher course or volunteer so you can sit in and listen to others go through the class.

One thing is for sure. The more you practice, the better you will get, so please don’t give up. You are not the only one who needs to practice.

By Jen Morgan