Appreciate Like Wine

Most wines are known to get better with age.

My parents, after 63 years of marriage, are still together and still committed to each other. Just like an aged wine, the time they have been married becomes more and more valuable every year, especially to those around.

I think to hear someone has been married 63 years commands more respect and admiration than a lot of major accomplishments in life, because most of us know marriage can be tough at times.

I saw their commitment mostly in the things they did for each other and for their children.  My dad worked a job he didn’t really enjoy for years to provide for our family and my mom took care of the home and us. They put all five of their children through private school and attended every one of our dance recitals, graduations, school events, and everything in between.

Even though they never really knew how to express it to each other, they would share with me small things they admired about each other. I still cherish that to this day.
However, I think the thing that stood out the most about their relationship was their commitment to each other and to us even when they didn’t get along.  

My parent’s story is one of commitment even when the tough got tougher. Through raising 5 children, financial distress, health issues, and senior moments, my parent’s story is one of love, in the good times and bad. Commitment. Longevity. Something that most of today’s couples don’t stick around to experience.

I think most people define love as a feeling or an emotion, but I have seen true love in action when people continue to do for each other and stay committed even when the tough gets tougher. The end result is something that appreciates in value because of time.

Are you ready to carry on the torch and be a light for the next generation? Will your children remember the commitment and longevity of your marriage? As a child of parents who stayed committed, I am the recipient of a legacy that will carry on for a very long time.